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SFS1 Elite Training

The Shoot Fast - Shoot First Elite Training is designed to train you on how to shoot fast and shoot first to a takedown while dominating your opponent in the process. You will be taught great technique while training with intense foot speed drills, precise level changing drills, and deep penetration drills.  This advanced skill set will increase your confidence in taking those match changing shots with increased smoothness and exclusivity. The first takedown is key in taking control of the match. Over 72% of matches are won by the first takedown.  This important moment in the match sets the tone of the match and you are at an advantage because your opponent is behind, getting out of position, and making bad choices.


Who: Advance Elementary, Middle, & High School Age Wrestlers  


Members: Open to the first 16 wrestlers. 


Practice Times: 5pm-6pm Elementary & Middle / 6pm-7:30pm High School                                                             


Practice Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thrusday & Friday 


Training Schedule:       

Pre-Season: September, 2nd - October 29th      


In-Season: December, 2nd - March                                                       In-Season & Post-Season wrestling schedule will be posted soon.


Off Season: March 2nd  – July                                 


Cost: $100 a month if paid by the 5th of each month. $110 if paid after the 5th of each month. Must commit to 2 month.


If you become one of Tony's Boy you will do the following with Tony: Train, Compete, Run, lift, swim, hike, canoe, travel etc...A Special gift will be givin upon completion of training! 


Must have a AAU or USA wrestling card to attend any practice. Purchase AAU Membership card at: 



                                         Practice    Location: TBA

                                                                                        Raleigh NC, 27610





Early Birds Special=must be 2 weeks prior to start of training package $10

Sibling Discount=$20 off a training package. Can’t be combine with other discounts.


If you have any questions call me @ 919 602-9979 or email or 



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