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Dear Wrestling Community, 

The Shoot Fast - Shoot First Wrestling System is designed to train you on how to shoot fast and first to a takedown while dominating your opponent in the process. You will be taught great technique while training with intense foot speed drills, precise level changing drills, and deep penetration drills.  This advanced skill set will increase your confidence in taking those match changing shots with increased smoothness and explosively. The first takedown is key in taking control of the match. Over 72% of matches are won by the first takedown.  This important moment in the match sets the tone of the match and you are at an advantage because your opponent is behind, getting out of position, and making bad choices. 


The techniques taught in the Shoot Fast-Shoot First Wrestling System will benefit you in many ways as a wrestler on the mat.  The Shoot Fast- Shoot First Wrestling System will guarantee you the opportunity to become a better wrestler.  The Shoot Fast-Shoot First Wrestling Program will get your wrestling season started on the right foot this coming season by having your team learning from one of the best in the business 3x National Champion and 4x College All American, Tony Davis.  

it is well known knowledge that being a great wrestler does not mean that you will be a great technician and teacher.  Tony is a licensed physical education teacher who prides himself on his passion for the sport of wrestling and knowledge to do more than just drive in camp until it hurts but to also TEACH you specific skills that can be remembered and utilized in matches.  Tony has done MANY camps all across the United States for high school, private camps, Div 1, and NAIA programs.  
The Shoot Fast - Shoot First Wrestling System will provide  services like no other wrestling camp or clinics in the country, with a specific delivery method of getting the information to you so that it can be retained.


Clinic Experiences:

  • University of Nebraska Camps 

  • University of Northern Iowa

  • Appalachian State Wrestling camp 

  • University of Duke 

  • University of North Carolina 

  • North Carolina State University 

My services were provided in many States: Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina, South Carolina, Nevada, Rhode Island,
Connecticut, North Dakota, South Dakota, Florida, Virginia, West Virginia, Arizona, and many more.


Coaching Experiences:

  • Dynamic Wrestling Club Clinician

  • Demonstrated technique and participated in practices at the University of North Carolina (2009).

  • Head Assistant Wrestling Coach at North Carolina State University (2005-2007)

  • Club Coach at The University of Nebraska (2003-2005)

  • Strength and conditioning coach at the University of Northern Iowa (2000-2002).

Here are just a few benefits of the Shoot Fast Shoot First Wrestling System...

  • Enhance knowledge on why Shooting first and Shooting fast is important. 

  • Learn several new foot drills that could help you become more explosive.

  • Have the ability to develop a clear understanding on how to close the gap on your opponent, creating angles, positioning drills, controlling the tie-up, level-changing drills, penetrating drills, dominating your opponent and much more.

  • Very low camp/clinic cost compare to other camps

  • Have the opportunity to be trained by one of the best in the business 3x National Wrestling Champion Tony Davis.


Coaches, this opportunity will give you a chance to get a kids folk style club program started just after the Shoot Fast - Shoot First Wrestling System takes place at your location. It has been my experience that the difference between a good program and a great program is the youth feeder system and those affiliated with the program. 

If you have interested in becoming a better wrestler or collaborating your program with Tony Davis and The Shoot Fast- Shoot First Wrestling System this season, do not hesitate to contact me. Fill - out the form on this page to set up a date or register for your Shoot Fast - Shoot First Wrestling Experience...Hurry and Get Your Program plugged into the System.... 
Lock in your dates now as dates are filling 

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